Costa d’Amalfi Rosso Ravello DOC

Principal Grape: Variety: Aglianico; Bunch: medium-low; Berry: medium-small, spherical shape; Skin: blue-black, short and medium-thick consistency; Vine: buds early, late ripening, grows best in cool but dry and sunny mountainous conditions between 200 and 600 m above sea level; Harvest: Mid or late October; Soil: hilly terrain of volcanic origin, but it also adapts well to different […]

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Etna Rosso DOC

Principal Grape: Variety: Nerello Mascalese; Bunch: large, elongated, conical or pyramidal, with one or more more or less developed wings, medium compact; Berry: sub-elliptical; peel light blue color; Skin: very waxy, thick and consistent, blue-purple; Vine: medium vigor. Older vineyards have alberello vines – “small trees” that are basically bush-trained, reaching only a few feet off […]

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Valtellina Superiore, DOCG

Principal Grape: Variety: Nebbiolo (locally named Chiavennasca); Bunch: elongated, pyramidal; Berry:  small, spherical; Skin: waxy, deep blue and gray; Vine: Nebbiolo vines bud very early making them sensitive to spring. The vines grow vigorously requiring growers to reduce the foliage and clusters termed “green harvesting” to yield excellent grapes; Harvest: end of October; Soil: calcareous marl. Source: […]

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Valpolicella Classico, DOC

Principal Grape: Variety: Corvina; Bunch: medium-sized, long, cylindrical-pyramidal with long wing; Berry:  medium sized, oval; Skin: covered in bloom, thick skin, blue-purple, waxy; Vine: prefers dry, well exposed sites, vigorous, productive, trained with pergola veronese system; Harvest: late, between September and October; Soil: luvial, chalky and volcanic. Source: Region: Veneto Production Area: The Valpolicella designated “Classico” area includes the […]

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Friuli Colli Orientali Schioppettino di Prepotto, DOC

Principal Grape: Variety: Schioppettino; Bunch: large with one or two wings; Berry: large, round; Vine: low yielding, fragile stems; Harvest: Late autumn; Soil: Marly, alluvial.  Schioppettino vineyards in Prepotto, Udine Source: http://www.schioppettinodiprepotto Region: Fruili Venezia Giulia Production Area: In the Judrio valley between the communes of Prepotto and Albana in the province of Udine. Vineyards at mid-elevation hillsides, 50-225 m above […]

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Colli Bolognesi Pignoletto Classico, DOCG

Principal Grape: Variety: Pignoletto; Bunch: medium-sized but dense or medium loose; Berry: elongated; Skin: amber-tinged, green color; Vine: trained using the Cordon Spur or Guyot system; Harvest: beginning of October; Soil: well-drained limestone and clay hill soils which are rich in macrominerals and trace elements.  Source: Region: Emilia Romagna Production Area:  The Colli Bolognesi area, located south-west of […]

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Bonarda dell’Oltrepò Pavese DOC

Principal Grape: Variety: Croatina (locally known as Bonarda); Croatina Pignola (biotype of high quality); Bunch: medium-sized, pyramidal or conical; Berry: medium, spheroid; Skin: thick skin, waxy, dark blue; Vine: medium vigor and production; Harvest: late September or early October; Soil: prefers not too calcareous clay with potassium. Source: Region: Lombardia Production Area: Oltrepò Pavese, the southernmost region of Lombardia […]

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